.NET Development

We Create Unique

.Net Applications Which Are Flexible And Scalable

Any business enterprise that want to adapt and take advantage of cutting edge technology need to have sound application development capability or a partner who understands their exact needs and deliver customized solutions. Anything one want to do with technology to increase their market share, accessibility to their services, communication and processing, customer relationship and resource planning requires an application that is flexible and powerful to work with. The .Net is one such application development frame work from Microsoft, which is open source and allows cross platform applications to be developed under single framework.

The .Net allows the flexibility to developers to use different editors, libraries and languages for building popular Web Applications, Cloud Applications, Mobile Apps, Multi Format Games, Internet of Thing Apps, Desktop Applications, etc., with ease.

Cross Platform And Languages

We are proficient in creating cross platform applications using .Net framework with many languages and Windows languages like C, C+, F#, Type Script, Visual Basic, etc which are modern and simple, syntax based, object oriented and easy to write and modify codes. All these codes are capable of running on any operating system or can be dedicated to one particular OS or device. Apps can be of any type which can run on many platforms.

What Can .Net Do For You?

Many Applications, One Framework. This is the reason a majority of developers vouchsafe on the capability of .Net to create applications for various operating systems and devices..Net usage is common in many areas because of its resourceful framework and adaptability. Businesses can create flexible enterprise applications using .Net.
Web Application

We Give You The Virtual Edge

We have skilled .Net developers who can partner with you in the digital transformation of your business with the right applications that are essential to be relevant in the virtual world. We have the expertise to build web applications like static and dynamic applications, ecommerce applications, web portal development, content management applications, video and audio applications that engage with users and convey your ideas and products. We also undertake full stack web app development using Javascript HTML, CSS, etc, develop API’s for handheld devices and browsers and more being a comprehensive one stop .Net application development company.
Enterprise Application

Our Day to Day Business Management Solutions

We develop enterprise application using .Net to manage and disseminate the information data across internal systems and external resources. Whatever is the size of your business we can create the perfect application whether it is Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management System or Information Sharing System and the common applications like a text editor, image editor, spreadsheet, presentation suite, email application, etc., which can be custom made to your specific needs. The application we develop can be used for your VPN and can be converted to a cloud based application solution.
Mobile Applications

Business On The Fingertips

The .Net framework is ideally suited for mobile application development with cross platform ability and also the flexibility to add new and innovative features as your grow. We leverage the .Net MAUI to create cross platform native applications for iOS, Windows, Android, Mac OS, bringing them in to a single standard framework on .Net, using the C# codebase as a common language between applications and systems.

When it comes to mobile app, we are a specialist in creating unique applications for online education business, interactive classrooms, health diagnosis application, social media and messaging apps, game and entertainment apps, bill payment apps, ecommerce store applications for small devices and many customized solutions for industry specific needs.

Desktop Applications

Empowering The Personal Computer

There are a host of desktop applications we can build with .Net which are useful in the day to day use of the personal computer at home or at office. PC applications are standalone can be used by a single user.

We develop applications for any operating system whether it is Windows, or Mac or Linux or Android using .Net as it is a cross platform framework. Applications like spreadsheet, text editors, internet browsers, file explorers, messaging and chat applications like skype, photo and video editors, etc., can be developed with greater flexibility enabled by .Net AppUI. Likewise entertainment apps like solitaire, freecell, rummy, blackjack, racing and adventure games can also be developed with latest modern technology for your desktop with interactive features.

Our .Net expertise enable us to hybrid app using the same native client across platform like web and mobile with a common components using Java Script, C#, HTML and CSS.

Cloud Applications

Be Ahead Of The Competition With Our.Net Enabled Cloud Solutions

Ixly is at the forefront of developing enterprise cloud applications from the time businesses started moving from on premise technologies to digital transformation on the cloud, hosting all their software and infrastructure on the virtual platform. We adapted .Net framework to enable companies move to the cloud without losing on their existing features and the way they communicate with customers and stakeholders.

We have developed modern and scalable .Net applications for many cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba, Bluemix, etc., for various organizations across industry verticals. We have developed cloud applications such as Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, Billing Management, Inventory Management,Time Management, Logistics Management, Virtual World Editors, Cloud Spreadsheets, Video and Audio Sharing, Subscription Management, Ecommerce Platforms, SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, etc for internet as well as intranet use cases, using the power of .Net framework.

IoT Applications

Interact With Devices

We build .Net applications for hardware interaction using sensors, digital converters and LCD devices with the ubiquitous C# that run on mini embedded systems like Raspberry Pi, Pine A64, Beagleboard, Hummingboard, etc., for home automation, automotive applications, security sensors, student project, research and testing, etc. We help companies take advantage of IoT applications in acquiring and strategically benefiting from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MI), data analysis, data science, barcode machines, smart wearables, smart farming, heatlh care assessment and diagnosis, supply chain management, smart inventory management, smart energy utilization, power saving appliances and many more, which are revolutionizing the way we live.

Ixly has a professional .Net application development team to create native cross platform application for web, mobile, IoT, cloud, AR/VR, game creation and multiple operating system like Windows, Mac, Android, Consoles, Nano hardwares, with experience in coding, testing, debugging, tools and integrate with multiple back end systems and latest technologies for real life applications.