Online Ecommerce Business

10 Easy Rules to Craft Your Successful Online Ecommerce Business-2022

There are many platforms which offers you to setup a readymade online store with minimal effort. but the catch is you are jostling for space among the hundreds of similar products who are also vying for attention from the customers.

To have your own online store designed and built by you gives you all the freedom you want in how to manage them and market them. Ixly helps businesses build their own online stores whatever is the product they are selling. Here are some tips we recommend will make your online venture successful.

Attractive Page Design

First impression is the best impression. So, a catchy design, stunning colors, high resolution images, easy to understand descriptions, will go a long way in making your Ecommerce store successful.

Effective Social Media Marketing

It is proven that social media plays a big role in product promotions and attract buyers. Carefully pitched ad campaigns in selected platforms brings qualified customers and referrals.

Informative Blogging

Create informative articles about your products, their applications, references in other media, tag authority sites for authenticity, etc., and post at regular intervals.

Show Partner Brands

If your product is service is associated in any way with other brands, display them even if it is not a well-known brand. This creates trustworthiness in your product and business.

Device Friendly Design

Almost 65% of online shopping happens on hand held devices i.e., mobile phones and tabs. So, a high-quality responsive design for different screen size is a must to increase sales.

Allow For Product Review

Every online buyer reads product review before buying. This is another must to build trust with your buyers who want to know what other though about the product. Get more reviews by asking for it.

Offer Popular Payment Options

Multiple payment methods with popular payment gateway providers using latest technologies are key to closing the sale by enabling hassle free faster payments. It is also useful to have cash on delivery or payment against delivery as a backup.o.

Good Online Support

Have a god online support team who are knowledgeable and quick to respond to customer queries and complaints. Try to avoid bots which are frustrating and useless in real life interactions. Maximize human interaction.

Stick To Delivery Schedules

Commit a reasonable delivery time and stick to it. Customers are always eager and excited to receive their products on time or before. Any delay in delivery is a sure way to lose customer and get a bad review as well.

Offer Free Shipping

Yes. Anything free is always welcome and free shipping is a given these days. Try to build the cost into the product by packing in quantities like 3 pack or 5 pack to absorb the cost or offer a scheme or coupon, etc.