eCommerce Automation

Top Ultimate Benefits of eCommerce Automation

Why does your eCommerce business need Automation?

Every business that is being started has its own goals and objectives, the most being the scale-up.

Be it a Small business or large, the idea is to increase the audience as much as they can and set up consistent sales while looking to fly high.

Automation is the top pick for some of the leading businesses in the World now starting from B2C and B2B.

Amazon supermarket debuts the NO MAN – Automation in the USA as it runs without human intervention of billing, and monitoring. Take whatever you want in the store and you will be billed through scanning. This is for a Physical store.

So think about how automation is needed for an online store? Ultimately your eCommerce store.

The major eCommerce platforms like Magento, and Shopify have also featured supporting automation with the inclusion of 3rd party tools as well.

How does automation help in Scaling?

More time

Assume 30% of your daily work is automated, so obviously you can utilize this time to do more activities or plan towards your business goals. The major problem in today’s market is multi-tasking. The only way you can do more is to do your targeted activities and learn the market needs rather than multitasking.

Skip Manual Process

Each business has its own manual process involved being its regulatory check, monitoring, Inventory update, products check etc. And look for automation here based on your web platform and what they offer here to improve your business


Your website platform should be scalable as you grow your business. 70% of the business owners don’t have long term vision. They choose a platform on a cheap or average budget thinking of migrating to a good one once the business grows. This will cost double during the later stage of the business with a struggle as you need to learn and practise the new platform. So your eCommerce platform plays a vital role in Automation! More importantly this is the first investment you should have done

Does your eCommerce platform support Automation?

 With the current changing trends of B2B, B2C eCommerce, one has to choose the right platform that has a long term goal of meeting your business needs. Most of the businesses struggle to meet their client needs due to wrong platform selection! For instance, Magento offers high tools for Automation however the % of choosing Magento for a start / mid level business is low as Entrepreneurs think it’s high but its an investment instead.

2X Customers

 Automation helps you to increase your customers to double numbers provided the automation works for them. Say example – assume most of your customers are expecting a customised product and you offer them a tool where you can showcase them how it will look based on their body structure. What happens next – you know it’s obvious the amount of engagements will increase and so the sales! Customer satisfaction is key for every business and moreover the automation gives you repeat customers.

Sales and Marketing Automation

This is the fuel of any business. Every owner wants to increase their sales and that starts with your Sales and marketing team. Assume you have marketing automation where you are studying your customer’s interest, behavior and sending a customized campaign. Of Course personal interest triggers them to send a response back to start the engagement. Tools like SpringbotMailchimpMetrilo are much to be considered for eCommerce businesses.

Pain Points = Sale

The finding of your customer pain points equals your sales. Moreover, you know better on the business strategy if you find your customer’s pain point as early as possible. It is understood that automation of some of the processes helps them in meeting their needs. Also it’s quite worth in trying multiple tests of automation with a set of customers to find out their feedback.

We hope the above information helps and reach us in case you want to discuss any of your eCommerce automation works!