Why Are New Businesses Preferring Magento 2 For Their ECommerce Platform?

Why Are New Businesses Preferring Magento 2 For Their ECommerce Platform?

It’s 2023 and the rise of the eCommerce industry has achieved its greatest peak. The eCommerce market is projected to reach US$4.48tn in 2023.

In this post, we are going to see how the <a href=”/ecommerce-website-developmet-company-india/”>eCommerce</a> platform has reached their audiences and why Magento 2 is playing a big role in the eCommerce industry.

In a Tech savvy World with Digital Transformation is fast happening across all industries starting from small businesses to larger corporations, its vital importance of selecting your <a href=”/ecommerce-website-developmet-company-india/”>eCommerce</a> platform if you are in the eCommerce industry.

A good platform selection is an investment rather than a spending. Lot of new business owners had an idea of starting their own eCommerce business with an easy, cheap platform and plan to upgrade higher once their customers grow. This is typically wrong as you focus on a short goal rather than a long goal.

Your platform should be selected in a vision to handle more customers as business grows and it should be viewed in a long term perspective. Changing the platform in the middle of the business journey causes you more spendings than you actually planned. Also you will lose your existing customers.

Before starting an eCommerce business it’s important to study which platform suits your business and more importantly which platform gives you the best security features.

A recent study shows 55% of new Businesses choosing Magento 2 as their preferred eCommerce platform provided its high end security and scalability.

Magento 2 is basically catered for eCommerce and its shows why it is being preferred because of the below qualities,

People love personalisation. When you are in a large market and sell to a B2C it’s important your products have personalisation. Starting from picking a colour of your choice of a handbag, watch to many more gives an edge over your competitors.

Also the personalisation saves time and gives your customers a happy feeling when they search for their favourite products.

Easy Scalability and Extensibility

Be its business or platform, scalability is an integral part. Magento 2 not only provides easy scalability but adopts multiple elements, supports its reliability when the business grows from one state to another.

Also with the open source <a href=”/magento-b2b-ecommerce-development-company-india/”>magento</a> framework even small businesses can adopt the technology for handling lesser orders and upgrade the platform as your business grows.

As a Cloud based Omnichannel architecture, it ensures high extensibility across all business domains with a global personalisation.

Some notables features are Headless API based agility, extensible modules for all businesses, multilayered architecture

Multi channel at one place - B2B and B2C

Easily manage all your business brands at one place in Magento 2. Be its Marketplace or multi brand business, Magento has its solution. And think about how easy it is to manage all your business under one roof of the platform. You can add Multi-lingual, multicurrency and more.

Also having different stores or businesses at different eCommerce platforms is not good for management and you need a skill set for each to manage it.

So Magento eliminates this complexity and provides all under its own platform. Under a single backend you can manage all your business units.

Intelligent AI features

Magento has its own AI from Adobe which is Sensei that provides deep data based on user experiences and makes the business process adopt accordingly.

It’s important to enhance or modify your business based on customer interactions. Data is key as this Intelligent AI is being driven by data analytics. Based on it, it will provide live search, product recommendations based on user search, and purchases.

Also this AI provides complete User behaviour along with the data history of each customer thus harnessing the power of deep learning from the customer.

Enhanced Security

This is one major feature as Magento 2 unleashes the best in-built security features that prevents data leaks, hacks, theft etc..

Also Magento 2 offers extensive security plugins that act as a solid foundation for your eCommerce store.

And with regular updates from Adobe Magento, a wide support forum, one can easily get the support they need on time and measure their success quickly compared to other platforms. And to conclude Magento 2 has the below advantages compared to all other existing platforms,