Magento Ecommerce

Why Magento Ecommerce is better than all other ecommerce platforms

Among the many Ecommerce platforms available in the market there is a reason why Magento is the most preferred Ecommerce platform for setting up online stores. Wither a host of features, functionality and flexible pricing Magento stands out among the crowd. So, if you wish to stand out with your online store against competition, it is wise to choose Magento as your platform for success.

Extensive Modules

There are thousands of Magento modules and developer ecosystem available for each and every aspect of running an online Ecommerce store according to a variety of products and services one can think of. A host of Magento extensions options available for each functionality within a store which work seamlessly with other modules which makes it highly dependable and accommodative to the store environment.

Content Management

Content is business specific which are well managed with Magento’s intuitive page design which are flexible and easily editable for the best results. The get what you see feel providers customers an exact information on what they are going to get from your store without the feel of the product physically. This makes the store reliable and trustworthy which is important to drive traffic and gain loyalty.

Flexible Customization

Magento modules are heavily customizable to each and every need of the online store both on the front end, operation and back end with tailor made features, function, design, display, format, sequence, etc., all working in sync for a smooth user experience from checking in to the store to the selection of items, carting, payment and checkout. A variety of plug in are available both free and optimal cost to enhance the online shopping experience.

Device Friendly

73% of today’s shopping happens on mobile phones and tablets which are easy to carry among the younger generation who are the most likely to do online purchases. Magento’s responsive design allows it to deliver quality content irrespective of screen size with powerful search, display, selection, carting and payment options unmatched by other platforms.

Seamless Integrations

Magento integrates seamlessly with third party API’s like payment gateways, CRM, ERP modules of any service provider to deliver a powerful performance in terms of cross functionality, accurate data sharing and reporting compared to similar Ecommerce platforms.

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Some of the other important features compared to other Ecommerce platforms are the extensive reporting, cross sell and up sell combinations, powerful search engine optimizations, automated social media updates, accurate search results, categorized products, extensive filters, zoom in product views, easy carting, etc which enhances online shopping experiences for the customers.