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What is Digital Marketing and why is it so important?

Digital Marketing also known as Online Marketing defines all the marketing activities that happen on the online internet. All Businesses leverage this Digital marketing to increase their Brand Name, Target audiences, Reaches, Customers, Advertising, to showcase their products / services etc..

Digital Marketing has many types which are listed below and there are so many ways to do it which cater to each of the digital marketing types.

Types of Digital Marketing

Each of these Digital Marketing types has its own technique and result varies according to the respective process.

And these Digital Marketing provides all stats on a daily basis so you can measure your ROI against your investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization shortly known as SEO is a process of Optimising your Website to get indexed in search engines and to rank higher for your business category.

SEO has both a technical and marketing side. It is defined as below,

OFF Page SEO :

Off Page SEO generally refers to the marketing activities that happen outside of our website and those activities playing a role in influencing the target audience to reach our website.

These activities are classified as Blog Posting, Articles Posting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submissions, Forums etc..

And all these activities play Contents as a major role so we also include Content Marketing in this Off Page SEO.

These contents create inbound links from places where we submit contents called Backlinks. So if we have a great content being posted and creates Value then Google thinks our contents are great thus increases our rankings on the search engine accordingly.

Search Engines consider the below,

Content Quality, User engagement, Mobile-friendliness, Quality and number of inbound links

ON Page SEO :

Defines the complete technical part of your website wherein each of the factors like Website standards related to Search Engines will be checked.

Some of the On Page Process are Adding Header and Meta Tags, Sitemap, Robots, SEO friendly URLs, Adding keywords into contents, Unique contents across pages, Schema addition.

Websites that have a good success ratio on this ON PAGE factor have a very good way of getting ranked quickly in Search Engines.

Social Media Marketing

The process of promoting our brand or business on the below social media channels refers to the social media marketing. The main goal of Social Media Marketing is to grow our audiences, create brand awareness, increase traffic visibility and reach to websites, generate leads.

The Popular social media channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat

Most of these channels are also providing paid advertising where we can run campaigns with our business contents, video and images that are being circulated throughout the social media.

Pay Per Click Advertising

As the name says Pay Per Click ( PPC ) is a paid advertising method where we used to publish our ads and need to pay whenever our advertisement is being clicked.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to use PPC in the markets. And the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube also provide the PPC services.

Email Marketing

The idea of Email marketing is to reach audiences and promote our brands. This includes both new audiences which we need to explore by collecting their data and then emailing them normally called as Cold emails.

And our brand can be promoted to our existing customers by spreading the word of new product launches, blogs and articles, Newsletters, discounts, loyalty program etc..