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Being among the Best Magento B2B Development companies in Coimbatore, India, Ixly Technologies provides valuable insights and ideal solutions specific to customer products and services to market and scale any business-to-business ecommerce venture.

Ixly Technologies

We have Magento B2B Marketplace Development experts who are on top of their domain to asses and provide dedicated professional service from consulting, ideating, strategizing and implementing tailor made ecommerce websites and stores to yield higher profitability at the same time achieving user growth and satisfaction.


We Empower Your B2B Success

There are several component involved in the development of Magento B2B platform for a full fledged ecommerce site which are very important for a seamless user experience across the store.

We are well versed in picking and choosing the right tools for developing a Magento B2B ecommerce store with complete Magento B2B features and support all at very attractive Magento B2B Marketplace Development costs.


Extensive Account Creation and Sign Up

Setting up of user accounts and user groups with complete details based on product category, off take capacity, locality, bulk discounts applicable, billing and shipping details, wish lists, etc are some of the features we plan and implement for a quick sign up from various applications, social media, mobile number, email id and more.

Automatic dynamic wholesale pricing are configured to select users based on their volume of purchase and frequency, one click reorder facilities, tax rates and exemptions are built in.

We provide the best B2B Ecommerce Development services in Coimbatore.


Efficient Catalogue and Product Listing

The product listing and catalogue should be simple with relevant filters for product and category search, rich display, easy carting and order in quick time.

A more cumbersome search and selection process discourage prospective customers to leave store. This is a valuable and important tool which our Magento B2B Development team have immense knowledge on how to design and catalogue products based on your B2B Business profile.


Customized Category Listing

In keeping up with the needs of multiple products and customers, we can customize your product listing based on customer groups, interests, search history, etc., which adds a professional touch and feel to the businesses and increase the potential for more sales.

We are the leading B2B eCommerce Portal Development Services providers in Coimbatore. India.


Functional Product Display Page

Customers need to make informed decisions to continue purchasing of products from your store. For this, all relevant details about the product viz., high resolutions images, zoom feature, technical specifications, sizes, colors, how to videos, instructions to use, etc.

We offer the most comprehensive Magento B2B eCommerce solutions in India.


Custom Pricing

Pricing the product for various category of users are key to success. A variety of options are available and can be included while setting up the pricing such as slab pricing based on quantity, bulk order pricing, packaged pricing with another product, deals on multiple orders, discounts for re-orders, taxes and currency conversion options.

We can guide and set up the best pricing options for your B2B eCommerce business.


Flexible Payment Options

Every B2B portal should have multiple payment options preferably with different payment gateways to facilitate credit cards, debit cards, NEFT and UPI based options like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. Apart from online payments Cash on delivery (COD) is widely used and preferred payment option which is a must have.

We do payment gateway integrations with all the service providers for ease of payment transactions.


Easy Shipping and Integration

Customers who are buying on a B2B site are predominantly bulk and wholesale buyers who have warehouses in multiple locations. Setting up many shipping addresses for a single order or customer enables buyer to get delivered at multiple stocking points hassle free.

We do in-depth custom Magento Development service in India for B2B business.


Wish List For On Demand Products

B2B customers always plan in advance to stock up their inventory to make goods available all the time. Setting up a wish list or preorder options for in demand products helps them plan their projections and sales which in turn increases their dependability and trust with you.

Ixly does all these Magento B2B customizations for ease of doing business.


Negotiable Pricing Features

Just like offline trade, setting up of negotiable pricing can be done so customer can negotiate and then place orders with you.

We do implementation with Magento B2B development with these features like setting up of offers on rates for large orders, implement special offers and discounts for bulk orders, reduced shipping costs, free delivery, etc.


Multiple Store Setup

Magento B2B services allows you to set up multiple stores based on region, zone, demography and more for each of your product to appeal to those specific groups. Each store can be configured for variable pricing and discounts.

All stores can be managed with a single dashboard setting up policies and updates in a few easy steps. We offer cost effective Magento B2B Development services in Coimbatore, India.


Retail and Wholesale Features

Your products can be sold in retail or wholesale and can be categorized and set policies as such for pricing, offers, discounts, shipping, payment terms, delivery timelines, etc for each product.

We at IXLY Technologies help you plan and configure both these store formats with an integrated back-end console to manage with ease.


End To End Secure Transactions

Handling a huge volume of business information of customers and traders needs careful setting of policies and privacies at the back end.

We implement Magento B2B Development tools to create employee access policies which are responsibility and need based and restrict access to certain category of staff thereby protecting hypersensitive user data.