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For any eCommerce store to be successful it has to keep evolving and be able to adapt to newer technologies and changing market place. In the world of online business this happens all the time. Upgrading oneself continuously allows us to stay on top of what we are doing, especially so for businesses that are consumer facing.

Why To Consider Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration Now?

Some of the key features to run a successful eCommerce store are now more flexible and robust making the webstore more visually appealing, easy to navigate and thus shopping, a breeze.

Numbers rule commerce and eCommerce is no exception. If you want to achieve greater numbers you have to consider the figures that makes a case for Magento 1 to 2 migration.

  • 20% faster site loading and features performance
  • 39% more orders per hour compared to Magento 1
  • Expect 35% increase in conversion rate by reducing check out process
  • Target 62% mobile shoppers with custom apps

The tendency to continue the existing version of an eCommerce platform, especially since it is working up to a satisfactory level is a common prevalence among many Magento 1 users. But this may lead to some foreseeable disadvantages which may prove costly in the long run and the danger of even losing out to competition who migrate to Magento 2 at the appropriate time.

The success of every open source platform is the independent developers eco system which adapts and creates modules and extensions for multitude of features that can be incorporated and used by webstores and leverage their user experience many fold to attract more customers and increase their turnover and possibility. This developer community switches their products to suit newer versions and slowly restrict their support for old versions. This may lead to lack of support for the existing version and hence opportunity to grow.

Continuing Magento 1 limits the eCommerce stores functionality to take advantage of meaner and stronger performance capabilities of Magento 2 which directly reflects on degrading of processing speeds, integration with third party software’s and interoperability with latest devices and operating systems which can be calamitous for the existence of any Webstore.

Newer security threats are arising every day and hackers and spammers are finding new ways to create havoc. Though Magento 1 is supported by patch updates and upgrades, these will become redundant over period of time and hence the protection enjoyed by the site may wither leading to phishing attacks and data privacy compromised. A Webstore without the latest security updates is not the place customers will flock to.

Migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2 is akin to shifting your old store to a new premises with a huge leap in the format, style, presence, categories, options, features, ordering, payment, shipment and delivery with a new look and feel to increase footfalls and conversions. A peek into the process of Ixly, the leading Magento eCommerce development services company in Coimbatore, India.

Analyze – A careful analysis of existing Magento 1 store is made and data backed up.
Set up – Create the environment for development process for migration.
Extensions List – Short list Magento Extensions for different features and functionalities.
Front end – Layout, theme and templates are selected, configured and installed, which are appropriate for the products.
Back end – Third party integrations like, payment gateways, mailer daemons, CRM, ERP, etc are set up
Move Data – Smoothly migrate backed up Magento 1 data to Magento 2 platform.
Testing – All the front end and back end functionalities tested with the backed up data.
Modify – Modifications to data structure for compatibility and retest, if needed.
Go Live..!