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Magento Ecommerce Website Optimization

Magento is the leading open source eCommerce platform in the world used to sell a wide range of products and services by a vast majority of businesses by setting up of online stores and webstores.

Ixly technologies is one of the leading Magento E-commerce Developer in Coimbatore, India to enhance the webstore performance to achieve targeted goals by way of increased visibility, increase in traffic, more conversions and actual sales. We enable business to streamline their ecommerce strategies by optimizing Magento to align with existing and proposed store models and functionality.

As the top Magento optimization companies in India, we have the requisite knowledge and years of experience in planning and deployment of optimized Magento eCommerce solutions for big and small companies who have achieved growth and success with the help of our expert team.

IXLY Technologies follows best practices in Magento optimization techniques to suit the business category and its scalability requirements. Performance optimization is the core objective of any Magento optimization services, which is key to the success of any ecommerce store. These include hardware selection, software recommendation, define architecture and code, development environment planning, configuration of different modules and extensions, implementation flow and advanced framework design.

We are among the top rated Magento optimization service providers with a professional Magento developer team who follow industry standard practices for the optimum use of Magento as an ecommerce platform.

Our skilled Magento services team plan and implement best Magento optimization steps for a smooth and frictionless performance of the website.

Things we follow for best results are:

Review Third Party Integrations

Any system that depends on third party Magento extensions and integrations are prone to compatibility and code developments issues which are bound to slow your system functionality. We optimize Magento using profilers to identify and compact multiple similar page queries which result in faster page loads.

Activate full page cache

One of the most important Magento optimization is to enable full page cache which drastically increases the speed of your website. Most of the pages can be standard to all visitors and only the inputs fed on that page needs back end query and responses which are dynamic and specific to the customer requests.

Optimize CSS and JSS files

Our Magento speed optimization services include another key aspect which is to minify CSS and JSS files by removing the tabs, spaces, etc which compresses the file and makes in lighter and faster to load. We do the best Magento optimization services in Coimbatore, India.

Flat Catalog optimization

We enable the merging of multiple attributes of an entity in to one table for product categories thereby minimizing the offload burden of the database to showcase products. The database query is simplified and response will be much faster and product details and images are served quicker.

Right Hosting and Content Delivery

As the best Magento website maintenance & support services in India, we optimize the selection and hosting of content delivery servers based on geographical proximity, faster loading capabilities, cache server availability, back up facilities, technical support, etc. A good dedicated Magento hosting server improves overall performance of the site.

Image Optimization

Magento optimization of extensions is important for the speed and performance of how the images are created and chosen for the logos, products, layouts, etc. Compressed images for different categories of images like jpg, png, etc with a right mix goes a long way in image quality as well as its loading time. Our team helps in optimizing each and every image for its quality and size.

Server Response optimization

We enable and configure varnish functionality in Magento to optimize server response time to load it faster. Varnish is recommended for Magento 2 as it used for full page cache to increase http traffic and load time of less than 0.5 seconds.

Optimize using compression

Our Magento optimization services also does compression of files for quicker transfer from the hosting server to the user’s device. We use a many compression techniques using zip files which are tested and tried by our expert team and use tools recommended by Magento for best performance and outputs.

We Optimize For A Guaranteed Performance

When it comes to the ultimate Magento optimization services, Ixly stands apart by way of in depth technical knowledge, design and coding skills specialized in Magento 1 and Magento 2 eCommerce market place configuration, deployment, management, maintenance and support which make us a market leader in the setting up of online business space irrespective of product categories and services.