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What is Open Cart?

Formulated in 1998 and launched a year after, this can easily be considered to be one of the oldest e-commerce development software you could ask for. Open Cart is an online store management system, which uses a MySQL database and is written in PHP which makes it to be a software that people can get easily acquainted to!

Advantages of Open Cart

The reason why Open Cart is the software we would recommend is that it is one of the best ones you could have asked for if you have a startup. In our experience, we have come to realize that the Open Cart provides a beneficial work environment for e-commerce website development. It is considered to be one of the most user-friendly software out there since it happens to have a neat structure that offers a host of options to avail so customization in the simplest ways would not be a hassle over Open Cart.

How can we benefit you?

We here at IXLY TECHNOLOGIE Shave been providing our services in e-commerce website development since a long time now and Open Cart has been our first option when it comes to providing our exceptional website creation services to our clients since it happens to be not only user friendly but also provides customization to an unparalleled level. Being the best option in startups, our team of skilled individuals would provide you the e-commerce website you always desired while keeping the end-users needs in mind as well, thereby bringing out the optimum result from the final product we deliver.