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What is Presta Shop ?

A rise in e-commerce websites meant a rise in the software being used for its creation though the old contenders in the industry are still the most formidable and reliable software you could use which makes Presta Shop a desirable option for our intended purpose.

Launched in 2005, this open-source e-commerce solution was formulated as a student project in EPITECH IT School, based in France in the city of Paris. What started off with just two languages is today being used worldwide in 60 different languages by 250,000 stores.

Why is it used?

Presta Shop is a software that we at IXLY TECHNOLOGIES would definitely rely on because of its unparalleled advantages that we can avail. Presta Shop happens to be one of the most popular software out there for its sleek user interface which we can easily get acquainted to. Packed with features and highly reliable, Presta Shop happens to be a platform offering a high degree of customization and also happens to provide a substantial level of security so that your work does not fall into the wrong hands.

How can we benefit you?

Presta Shop happens to be written in PHP and runs over the support of MySQL database management system. Our professionals here at IXLY TECHNOLOGIES have an exceptional amount of work experience in the field of PHP based software which means that they are fully capable of achieving their goals of 100% customer satisfaction. Finding a median point between the client’s requirements and the end-users demands is what we excel at with Presta Shop.