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Ixly is among the top Native App development companies in India with a rich source of technology background and experienced developer team, which cater to a wide variety of business applications on any operating system across industries.

Native application development is very specific to the operating system and requires a good understanding of the OS, languages and devices that are hosting the application. Because of the nature of the application, it needs to be highly secure unlike cross platform apps. This level of secure build is what Ixly specializes in developing Native Apps. Businesses need to be wary of the skill set and experience of the developer as there are many software development companies who offer these services. Ixly is a reliable software company who can develop Native Apps customized to your needs and within stipulated budgets.

Our Services

OS Compatibility

Our expert design and coding make sure the apps are well tuned to perform in tandem with device operating systems for a rich and powerful use experience.

Seamless Integration

Native apps developed by us are developed keeping in mind the specific applications the customers use that sends and receives data in a seamless fashion without clogging the system and avoids slow responses.

Secure Transactions

We use powerful encryption tools that are designed for native applications that keeps the data secure within the system between the user devices and captive database of the customers.

Captivating UI/UX

We develop innovative user interfaces that are captivating with rich content comprising high resolution images, flawless videos that are precise and informative about the company’s offerings.

Tailor Made Solutions

The advantage of developing native apps is its ability to customize according to different user verticals that may vary from business to business that needs clear definition that distinguish between products and services.

Refine As You Grow

New features that enrich user experience and increase system performance can be added as and when required without compromising operations and lengthy downtimes.

Quicker Response

Native apps tend to be faster because of its architecture more aligned towards the operating system it is developed for. The applications load quicker and response to queries are quicker than non native apps.

Business Compatibility

Whatever is the business, native apps can be developed specific to the product or service with a host of options for exclusive themes, layouts, categories, menus, etc which are ideally suited to represent the company.

Maintenance & Support

Ixly has a core team of application developers who are well versed in building native apps for any platform and has an expert technical team for support and maintenance during and after implementation and handover.

Affordable Costs

Ixly has been developing native apps for more than a decade at affordable costs that are value for money propositions for companies that want high performance apps within budgetary parameters.


Salient Features Of Our Native App Development


Native Apps For Android OS

With an active user base of 2.8 billion Android phones are commanding a 70% market share across the world according to industry statistics. There are millions of Android mobile devices hitting the market every year. Android has made inroads into the PC market as a cost effective alternative to market leader Windows. For every Android OS, there are thousands of native applications developed by scores of companies vying for your attention to grow their business.

Ixly has been putting businesses on the fingertips of their prospective customers for over a decade with the best native app development services in India. Whatever is your business, product or service, we have the capability to build customized Android apps that are out of the ordinary, high performing, distinctive and productive that enhances the brand image and enables meaningful engagement with targeted audience.

We have experts who can build native apps that work on multiple versions of the latest Android OS for eg., Ice Cream Sandwich(4), Jelly Bean (4.1,2,3), Kitkat(4.4), Lollipop(5). Marshmellow(6), Nougar(7), Oreo(8), Pie(9), Quince Tart(10), Red Velvet Cake(11), Snow Cone(120 and so on, are outstanding in performance and functionality.

Native Apps For iOS

Iphones, the iconic mobile handheld devices from the world’s leading and most recognized brand Apple, created a storm when it was launched way back in June 2007. With an eye for robust security and reliability that phone has created an ecosystem of native app developers who have built 2 million plus apps that are exclusive to apple phones.

Ixly is among the leading native app developers in India. We develop cutting edge native apps for iOS that are comprehensive, packed with latest features that enhance user experience whether it is a utility app, marketplace, dating, games, entertainment, social network, fashion, retail and the likes that are captivating, precise and informative.

Our iOS native apps are built to perform as an extension of business services that are used to acquire new customers, retain old ones, increase engagement, facilitate transactions, and promote business objectives that increase profitability. We create intuitive user interfaces with engaging content that are in tune with the business expectations on customer outreach goals.

Our experts design and develop business applications that work seamlessly on the latest iphone versions such as iPhone 8, 8Plus (2017), iPhone X(2017), iPhone XR(2018), iPhone XS, Max(2018), iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max(2019), iPhone SE 2ndGen(2020), iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, Pro Max(2020), iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, Pro Max (2021), iPhone SE 3rd Gen(2022), iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, Pro Max (2022).