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At ixlytechnologies, we believe it to be our only goal to provide software which would assist eCommerce websites organizations in not only making websites but also providing a rich source of resources, so that the end user can experience a website that is a blend of both utility as well as style. Invested in providing a phenomenal assistance to the eCommerce websites since years, we realize the importance of easy to use software while provide the opportunity to customize how much ever possible and hence we provide WebAsyst Shop-Script and PHP shopping cart software.

Why we stand out?

The sole reason of ixlytechnologies’s unique services being nothing but phenomenal is the application of PHP shopping cart software and WebAsyst Shop-Script. With the application of these two programs, AES has paved ways for a wider scope in web designing, thereby putting them in a position to provide web designing solutions which would most certainly make them stand out resulting in helping the eCommerce websites in widening their scope of customers.

Along with Web Designing, we understand the need of providing a good promotion for the website as well which is why we have heavily invested ourselves in digital marketing and through our team of expert SEO’s, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most lucrative strategy in making your site the most visited over the internet.

With the core advantages of the ease of use, updated technology and seamless integration with WebAsyst applications, coupled with quick page loading and multi language support, Shop-Script certainly becomes the most effective solution for an eCommerce website.



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