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Get The Power Of Woocommerce Work For You From The Most Sought After Woocommerce Development Team

Choose wisely with our help and create a successful online business on Woocommerce.

Ixly Technologies is a master of eCommerce marketplace who have expertise in setting up businesses in various ready to use platforms. We do a thorough analysis of your business and guide you to the right platform which will ideally suit your business. With our experience and research we have identified Woocommerce as the most preferable eCommerce platform for small and medium enterprises.

As the preferred development partners for many organizations, we select the right platform based on the scalability of the business. Woocommerce is one such platform which allows you to start small and grow big.

Get To Know WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce?

Online shopping has changed the way we live and consume with a rush of existing brick and mortar stores to new start ups vieing with each other for a big slice of the eCommerce business. Not everyone can start a new store from the scratch because of lack of talented professionals and cost of creating one. Enter eCommerce platforms who allows anyone to start a shop online with ready made technology infrastructure for hosting your store. Woocommerce is among the leader in providing such solution with innovative designs and modules.

More than two million stores from around the world use Woocommerce to sell their services and products. Woocommerce is an online store module for WordPress, which is a hugely popular and successful website development platform. Woocommerce is easy to set up, very flexible, has many features which are user friendly and ready to go.

Why WooCommerce It Is Best For You?

Woocommerce allows store owners with a host of features like themes, store front organization, product management, easy listing of products, high resolution image uploads, powerful search and display, faster loading, inventory trcking, shipping and delivery updates, return policies, refund status, real time customer management and more.

Genesis Of WooCommerce

Originally Developed by James Koster and Mike Jolley in 2011, as a platform for setting up online stores by small businesses, it was taken over by WordPress and added on as one of its many modules and created more robust features and functions thus making it more popular among the store owners for selling their wares.

Working With WooCommerce

As a WordPress plug in module, it is easy to convert a WordPress website in to an online store with Woocommerce. Adding products, descriptions, pricing, carting, checkout, payments, etc are uncomplicated and efficient.

Setting Up Of A WooCommerce Store

With a few simple steps, a Woocommerce store can be set up from your WordPress website. Just search the plug ins menu from your WordPress dashboard and select Woocommerce to download the module. After installation of Woocommerce, follow through the set up wizard to get your online up and running.

Ixly Technologies is a market leader in the development and setting up of Woocommerce stores for a variety of business. We are the driving force behind popular and successful online ventures who have chosen Woocommerce as their trading platform.

Key Features And Benefits For A Flourishing Ecommerce Store

Supports All Types Of Business

Woocommerce allows any business owner to set up shop instantly with a variety of themes and functionalities to support them. Whether it is a product selling or services selling, everything is possible with the selection of right combination of tools and customizations. Ixly helps customers make informed decisions by way of consulting, design, development and implementation.

Dynamic Developer Community

As the most popular shopping platform and being part of the widely successful WordPress, WooCommerce has a huge and active developer community. A powerful developer community increases the success of the platform and hence its users. They create unique and innovative add ons which enables shop owners keep abreast of the technological changes and market demands to provide latest features for the best customer experience.

Adaptable Framework To Support All Modules

WooCommerce supports a variety of plug in and modules for variour important functions key to the performance of online stores. A wide range of product specific plug ins are readily available making Woocommerce one of the most widely used platform. It also support modules from third party developers to enable stores take full advantage of the market place. We have experts who choose a mix and match of perfect plug ins to create an outstanding store.

Affordable For All

Setting up ones own online store needs a lot of investment in manpower and technology. For small medium companies and startups this is a huge burden. Woocommerce is a free platform to host any online store thus saving a lot of money for the seller. Many of the important features are available as plug ins as free to start a basic eCommerce store. Some of the extensions and modules are available for affordable costs or subscriptions which sellers can opt for as they grow. Ixly Technologies can help budget your spend on Woocommerce platform by recommending the right modules.

Comprehensive Platform

There is a reason Woocommerce is a renowned and sought after eCommerce platform for new and established businesses. It is not only affordable, easy to setup and manage, Woocommerce is also highly customizable according to business needs, expand product portfolio with little effort, get real time analysis and reports for decision making, add newer features with quick integrations, everything one needs for an online store with high performance and completely secure.